TSB TOPEC – 3+2 Programme

Posted on 2016-03-03 by RLH

TSB TOPEC, Taranaki Outdoor Pursuits & Education Centre, is currently providing career pathways to Taranaki schools. Working in collaboration with Taranaki Futures and Spotswood College who provide the consent to assess umbrella, TOPEC is providing a 3+2 programme for year 13 students which allows them to work towards the National Certificate in Outdoor Recreation (Leadership) at NCEA Level 3. It is the first 3+2 programme at Level 3 in Taranaki.

The programme lasts for 30 weeks, with two days a week being spent at TOPEC and the remaining three days spent in school. The possible career paths identified through the programme cover a wide variety of jobs including paramedics, armed services, working with children, management jobs and community based and outdoor activities based careers. TOPEC is currently engaging with students from a number of schools within Taranaki with the aim of expanding engagement to more schools. 

The staff at TOPEC includes registered teachers who have extensive experience with the specific demands of standards based assessment. Skills Active is providing assessment of the unit standards. This involves a Registered Assessor making decisions using unit standards as the basis of the skills and knowledge being demonstrated by the trainee. Taranaki schools have used TOPEC’s expertise in delivering and assessing courses for a number of years.

A number of meetings have already taken place indicating great support for the initiative. The principal at St. Mary’s Diocesan School in Stratford, Fiona Green, was a catalyst for the development of the programme and is excited at the opportunity for her students. At present there are 10 pupils from Taranaki Schools involved in the programme with the aim of increasing these numbers significantly over the next 2-3 years. TOPEC is in the process of applying to become a PTE. Their aim is to turn the 3+2 programme into a course offered by the centre. 

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