Primary school engagement with Vocational Pathways

Posted on 2016-04-01 by rlh

On Thursday the 18th of February 2016, the Waiariki Institute of Technology hosted an afternoon of early engagement in Vocational Pathways for Manawaru primary school.  

Students from Manawaru primary school, along with their families, were invited to the Mokoia campus in Rotorua. The students worked in a commercial kitchen to experience the Services Industries pathway. The students also did some practical activities in the creative industries and health sciences areas. The workshop was hugely successful and kept the students fully engaged for a lengthy 5 and a half hours. The principal of Manawaru School, Rosemary Hendrikse, wants to expose her students and parents to a wider scope of further education. This is one of the first instances where a primary school has been engaged in a Vocational Pathways workshop and thanks to the efforts of Waiariki Institute of Technology it was a huge success.