Inglewood High School – Vocational Pathways endorsement results

Posted on 2016-02-12 by W McD

25 of 89 Year 12 students, including 5 of the 9 student leaders, received a Vocational Pathway endorsement last year. One student received an endorsement in three different pathways. Every pathway has been represented in the 25, which is a huge plus for the school’s curriculum design.  

The school has decided to have a special assembly acknowledging this in February 2016 and will make this an annual event.  Principal Rosey Mabin is going to have a special certificate made (with the pathways coloured 'wheel' on it as a watermark) and present it to each student. Rosey is excited to see these students cross the stage, especially as some of them are students who don't get to do that very often or, in a couple of cases, at all.