School to work programme - NZ Marine and Composites ITO

Posted on 2016-08-25 by CM

School to Work is a TEC funded programme where NZMAC ITO works with employers and schools to help create career pathways for year 12 and 13 students. This programme allows student to experience the marine or composites industries while still earning credits towards completion of NCEA qualifications.

NZMAC ITO matches a learner with a marine or composites employer and typically, selected students will be employed on a part-time basis (usually 2 days per week – or as agreed by the school and employer) for all or part of the school year. Students will work towards earning unit standard credits at Level 2 or 3 that will be awarded towards NCEA Level 2 or 3 and will attend school for the remaining 3 days per week working towards NCEA credits. NZMAC ITO will develop an individualised learning plan (ILP) for each student and will assess and report credits gained in the workplace. For more detailed information on our School to work programme download this guide - School-to-Work.pdf


Assessment is evidenced by the students’ capability to complete the tasks required. This may be recorded by means of a workplace diary, observations and conversations with a supervisor/ employer and evidence of students’ continued ability to demonstrate the skills on an ongoing basis.


Sample Individualised Learning Plan for Level 2

Each individualised learning plan (ILP) is made up of agreed upon credits depending on the duration of the placement and the number of days worked.

For example:

A student attending school for 4 days and on placement for 1 day per week, completing 20 days of employment, could be assessed for 10 credits.


A student attending school for 3 days and on placement for 2 days per week, completing 50 days of employment, could be assessed for 30 credits.



 School students boat building